Research published in May 2016 and July 2017 by lead author Adam Culvenor shows thigh muscle strength “predicts” the risk for both knee osteoarthritis (KOA) and knee replacement (KR) in women. The relationship between weak thighs (quadriceps and hamstrings muscles) and KOA and KR is likely that if the muscles are weak, more stress is placed on the joint during exercise and daily activities. Eventually the cartilage wears down, and ultimately the person develops Osteoarthritis, Culvenor told Reuters.

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I’ve heard it said that the universe will continue to teach you the same lesson until you’ve learned it. For me, the lesson is patience. Or, put another way, to play the long game. I’m finally learning: Life is increasingly magical as I get better at accepting: what I do and do not have control over; letting go; and striving more for long-term goals than short-term rewards.

This mindset shift is epically challenging for so many of us because we are nurtured in a society that feeds off instant gratification, or at least the hope of instant gratification. We want pleasure, success, accomplishment, validation the very minute we begin. We want to skip the journey of struggle and sacrifice, and teleport to the destination.

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Adventures with the Magic Bullet continue. I used it to make out flour out of my oatmeal, then used the flour to make these protein+oat muffins. Yes you could buy oat flour, but it’s pricey. I also used the Magic Bullet to make the third ingredient, puréed apple. Yes, you can buy cheap apple sauce. But why, when you can quickly blend one up! Fresher!

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