You’ve likely heard and read one too many times that you should be exercising regularly. Like eating better, it’s something we all know we should do but struggle to start. Maybe you had an unpleasant experience that turned you off from gyms or group fitness; maybe you equate exercise with running and hate the thought; or maybe you just can’t possibly figure out when you could squeeze this whole exercise thing in. Here’s the good news: Getting started isn’t as complicated as you might be making it. And the better news: Starting is harder than continuing.

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We’ve all said it, “just one (cookie, slice of pizza, pint of ice cream…) won’t hurt.”.  In some cases that is absolutely true. If it really is just one, once in a while, it won’t hurt. If your nutrition is already mostly on point, and you exercise regularly, then yes, enjoying life on occasion is not only fine but might be a nice mental break.  On the other hand, if you’re in the process of changing your ways, cleaning up your diet and working to exercise consistently, then one slip may be a slippery slope. It’s a question of your current behavior pattern.

The problem isn’t the one of whatever. It’s whether you can stop at one. Changing habits is hard. You want to practice self-compassion, and give yourself a break when you get off course (I say “when” because you will. You’re human). You do however, want to make it as easy on yourself as possible.

Here are some factors to be aware of and tools you can use, to help you steer clear of the “just one” trap.

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This is one of my favorite things to whip up after a workout or just on a hot day. I know we’re nearing fall, but it’s not quite time for PSL fever! Enjoy the last few days of summer with two versions of this treat! Read More