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I loved stuffing growing up. Loved it. Absolutely could have eaten an entire box of Stovetop. When I realized it was available year-round, I started pestering my mom to purchase it on the regular. She occasionally acquiesced. Of course now, I realize that perhaps eating an entire box of Stovetop in one sitting is not the greatest nutrition move. (Sigh). So I came up with this faux stuffing recipe using cauliflower that will satisfy your salty, buttery, carby craving.

Not that those things are bad…we just need to not overdo it.

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Pollyanna may have been on to something—and with that, I’ll have to eat some crow. For those who don’t know Pollyanna is the very optimistic title character in a 1913 best-selling novel, and 1920 and 1960 films. Critics have criticized her blind optimism. So much so, that today calling someone a Pollyanna isn’t usually a compliment. I admit, I don’t always mean it complimentary when teasing my mother for her seemingly never-ending ability to find every silver lining in everything.

Here’s where I eat crow, and tell you why my mom and Pollyanna may be on to something that can improve your physical and mental health. (In case you’re wondering, it tastes like chicken).

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Here’s the deal with fats–as in the type of fat in your food no on your body–they’re important; well, maybe, it depends. Like everything, it depends on what type of fat they are, how much there is, on you and your goals, your lifestyle, your age, your gender, and so on.

I know, you’re probably annoyed and wanting something more concrete than that; definitive are more assuring: But that’s the truth; it depends. So here’s what you should know about fats to find a more definitive answer for yourself. Read More