How to Motivate Yourself to Exercise

exercise motivation

No matter how much you want the results of regular exercise, motivating yourself to start can be hard. Keeping yourself motivated can, at times, seem equally challenging. So how do you do it? How do you motivate yourself to start and stick with the actions that get you the desired results? Here are five tips.

  1. Exercise when you’re at your best: either before work if you’re too tired afterward or after work when you want to de-stress from a long day.
  2. Make a commitment to yourself. Have a STRONG “why”. Why do you want those results? Why did you start thinking of exercising in the first place? The answer could be aesthetic (who doesn’t want to rock a bathing suit on the beach?) or clinical (type 2 diabetes looming…?). Have a talisman or some kind of reminder that you can see throughout the day that reminds you of your “why”. When you want to go back on your commitment to yourself, turn to the reminder to get you through the gym doors. Walking in is half the battle.
  3. When you feel too tired, remember that exercise gives you energy!
  4. Have an accountability partner! He/she can be someone you exercise with or simply a good friend or family member you check in with. Someone who will help you stay on track when you start to doubt yourself.
  5. Play mind games with yourself. If you catch yourself saying, “I can’t exercise today.” Stop, ask yourself, ok, “but can put my workout clothes on?”. The answer is yes. So do that.  Then as yourself, ok “but can I drive (or mass transit, whatever) in the direction of the gym? Do that. “Can I walk inside?” Do that. “Can I walk on the treadmill slow and steady?” Do that. From there, either you have a slow and steady long walk or you’ve tricked yourself into warming up enough to go a bit harder. Either is a win, because you made it in. (Yes I know that rhymes. You can make it a mantra for days you need some extra motivation!).

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