Focusing on instantaneous results heightens self-imposed pressure. We can’t mess up because we need to exude flawless strength so we can lead and win, now. Caught in the short game, we become more easily frustrated with our losses, mistakes, relationships (or lack thereof), our jobs, our pay, our…whatever it is we don’t have that we think we want.
Focusing on the short-game, may seem more pleasurable. But what it’s really doing is setting us up for long-term pain. It’s like an addiction. We need and more and more instant gratification to sustain our sense of enough-ness and purpose. Or rather fill a void that only these two things can fill. The long game is your purpose which brings you your sense of enough-ness. The long-game is the meaning and magic in life. The long-game is living.


  If you haven’t already noticed, your skin takes a hit when you’re stressed.  Anecdotally we’ve known this for centuries, but western science is just starting to discover the reasons behind the mind-body connection. From what we know now, a lot of it has to do with hormones. Yes, those sensitive, sometimes pesky, not-so-little, Read More

In business, in fitness, in health, in life, in anything requiring effort, we want there to be, well, no effort. It’s natural to want rewards without the sacrifices. Sacrifice sucks. Effort is work. Rewards are pleasurable. Who wouldn’t want more of the latter and less of the former? The trouble is, there is no, Read More


Children and adolescents in low-income and poverty-stricken homes and environments are at a greater risk for poor well-being throughout the course of their lives. TODAY you can join me in doing something to help: Consider this a special edition of this wellness blog. The negative effects of poverty and near-poverty on well-being extend to, Read More


Tomorrow, June 1, we’ll be halfway through 2017. Reality check time. How are you doing with that New Year’s resolution of yours? Is it a bit dusty? Did you toss it in the recycling bin back in February to save it for next year?


I wasted many years feeling crappy about myself. I know what it’s like to look in the mirror and hate what you see; take inventory of your life and not like the path you’re on. The antidote, everyone said, was self-esteem. I needed some. Well, let’s get real, not just some, a lot. People, Read More

exercise motivation

No matter how much you want the results of regular exercise, motivation yourself to start can be hard. Keeping yourself motivated can, at times, seem equally challenging. So how do you do it? How do you motivate yourself to start and stick with the actions that get you the desired results? Here are five tips.


Let’s start by getting real: Shit happens. Big or small, personal or professional, spiritual, or physical or financial…Any area of your life can be hit with adversity. And that’s a good thing, if you’re brave enough to look at it this way. Adversity, however big or small, is a chance for you to strengthen, Read More


Staying constantly plugged into your work can backfire. Even constantly plugging into digital devices for play, like social media and phone games, can backfire. Your brain and body can take a toll, from decision fatigue to chronic stress and all the health effects that those bring. On Jan. 1, a law went into effect in France referred to as the “right to disconnect,” aimed at reducing, at least, the work-related constant connection.


Why is one of the most powerful words in the English language, in my opinion. Everything starts with why: your actions, your thoughts, your words, your motivations…all of it can be explained by simply asking and answering why. The word is so provoking, actors spend days, weeks, months even years dissecting the “why’s” behind their characters’ movements, speeches, and inner dialogue. If they do this for a fake person, why aren’t you doing it for the most important person– you?