The hamstrings are incredibly important for runners. Deadlifts are a great movement for building hamstring strength.

Andy Bolton, a powerlifter and strength coach, has put together some tips for building a “stronger deadlift.” You can check out his post on Breaking Muscle here.

Before my shins touched the barbell I knew my first goal was not to be. Karen said we were meant to zoom. This benchmark WOD is zoom. To zoom, I had to scale. Read More

Like many people, my days are long and my downtime is little. I hear many fellow athletes say they don’t have time for mobility work. Some, frankly don’t enjoy it, making it all the more likely they won’t fit it into their schedules.


I happen to love mobility work. I love the lengthening and loosening. Even if the “smashing” is uncomfortable, I enjoy it: It’s a good pain.  I use to always do mobility exercises when I got home from work. However in the past year, my schedule has gotten increasingly insane. I stopped making time for the work, and my performance and my body suffered. Thankfully, in the last few months, I’ve found a way to fit it in.

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