Burpees are not my favorite movement. But after watching this video on the skill transfer of the burpee, I have a better understanding for why we do them, giving me a better appreciation for the movement and making me less likely to silently groan when they are programmed into a warm-up or WOD.

It also helped me better breakdown the movement so that I could then execute it more efficiently. Check the video out here.

It’s the first day of summer. Stay hydrated and make sure you know the signs and symptoms of heat-related illness. Here’s one place to start, if you don’t.

I’d always wondered how the 100-Calorie pack was born.

Who dreamt it up? And why 100? I still can’t answer the latter, maybe it was just a nice round number. But I can answer the former. I just came across a Bon Appetit interview with food psychologist Brian Wansink. Wansink, who is the John Dyson Professor of Marketing and the Director of the Cornell Food and Brand Lab at Cornell University, is the man behind the 100-Calorie pack.

“Back in 1997, we found that the package size directly influenced how much people took. If you have a massive bag of Fritos, you eat a lot more Fritos than if you just have a small bag. So we came up with this idea of a 100-calorie pack… and surprisingly, over 50 percent of people said they would pay more for a 100-calorie pack. So I took that to big food manufacturers and told them that you can make a lot more money by selling people less food!,” Wansink said as reported by Francis Lam.

The full interview covers much more than the origins of this now ubiquitous food item. To read the full interview on why we eat the way we do, click here.