I just came across a 2013 post by CrossFit Games athlete Chris Spealler on the difference between CrossFit the workout and CrossFit the sport. It’s a great write-up for athletes and coaches alike. And it reminds me of my first two posts on this blog.

Spealler argues those who do CrossFit fall into three categories. Knowing which you fall into is important, especially if you fall into the category of CrossFit the sport. Knowing which you are cement what your goals are and from there allows you to better pursue them. Which category are you in? Read Spealler’s words here.


Feet, we put them through a lot. Personally, I stand on mine for most of the work day; I run on them, jump on them and walk on them. I typically use a lacrosse ball to work out the gunk in my feet. Other approaches to unbinding the feet are to use a foam roller or a Yoga Tune Up® ball.

Here are two videos that explain the why’s and how’s: Click here for the foam roller smash and here for the YTU “schmear.”

“I never thought I was capable of something like this,” I told my friend and fellow Trident coach Em as we crossed the finish line June 7. We ran 50K+ in 6:43. The North Face Endurance Challenge DC was my first ultra and my first real trail race. And it was heaven.

The weather was perfect, the course was gorgeous, the company was fantastic. I was in my element, never bonking, not even a twinge of discomfort until mile 24.

I felt like I was back at summer camp as I bounded off tree stumps, shimmied across log “bridges” and crossed streams by skipping from rock to rock. But most joyous was knowing I was running for something greater than myself and knowing I had the support of each of you.
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