Avocado Egg Bell Pepper

Here’s a simple breakfast (or lunch or dinner or snack) recipe for you. All you need are three ingredients, plus some salt and pepper. You can make these day of or prepare a plethora for the week ahead.
There are two ways to do this. One cooks the pepper and the egg and one (my favorite) leaves the pepper raw and crisp, stuffed with a scrambled egg. I’ll give you both.


I hear it all the time, “carbs are bad”. Or, “I know I should quit carbs because they’re bad”. Or, “I don’t eat carbs because they’re bad.” Or, “are carbs really bad?” Well, it depends; depends on you: your goals, your genes, your activities, and your preferences, to name a few. And it depends, Read More


Saw a vegan version of this salad at what you’ve probably realized by now is one of my favorite dining places (Whole Foods). I modified theirs a bit, obviously. Besides replacing the Beyond Meat Chicken with real chicken, I took out the raisins, chutney, sugar, and oils.  Served on a bed of greens, it, Read More

Protein Frappe

I love strong, dark coffee. Plain. Simple. Sometimes, thought, you need to spice things up, or in this case, sweeten things up! This diet-friendly take on a frappe hits the spot, especially as the days get warmer.


  Diets do not work in the long run. You may have already figured that out, but haven’t truly figured out why they don’t work and how to get out of the cycle and sustain your weight-loss success. Let’s do that now.

Protein Birthday Cupcakes

March 1 is my birthday, which means you all get an un-birthday present: My new recipe for birthday cupcakes that won’t wreck your eating plan or leave you with a sugar high and subsequent crash. Enjoy!


If you love ginger, you will love this ginger carrot salad. It’s Whole Foods inspired, but I made a few tweaks to appeal to my personal palate, including nixing the chives. With just a few ingredients and a few minutes, you’ll have an awesome sandwich side dish for your weekday lunches.

Oh alcohol: some people love it, some people don’t, some people love it a little too much. Like many nutrition and physical activity topics, the guidance depends on who you are and what you want. I’m sure you’re sick of hearing that—black and white answers are simpler—but it’s true. I’ll break it down a, Read More

Eggplant Parm 2

I love the combination of roasted eggplant and tomato, not a fan of heavy cheese and sauces. So I kept what I like and tossed what I didn’t. Call it what you want, but I’m going with dressed-down eggplant parm.


If we want to improve our digestion, hydration, potential weight loss, satiety, and enjoyment of our food, we should slow down and chew. Some food digestion begins as soon as you put it in your mouth; foods that are called carbohydrates (fruit, veggies, pasta, bread, candy, etc) start to break down as soon as you take a bite because of an enzyme in your saliva. The less you chew, the less time this enzyme has to start breaking things down.