We’ve all said it, “just one (cookie, slice of pizza, pint of ice cream…) won’t hurt.”.  In some cases that is absolutely true. If it really is just one, once in a while, it won’t hurt. If your nutrition is already mostly on point, and you exercise regularly, then yes, enjoying life on occasion, Read More

detox diet

  If by detox you mean a detox diet, it depends. But probably not. It depends because there’s no single definition of “detox diet” so I can’t say absolutely never or absolutely whenever. It also depends because everyone’s bodies and tolerances are different, as are everyone’s preferences and intentions. Generally speaking, for the average, Read More


You know by now, I hope, that skimping on sleep can harm your health. You should know it can thwart your weight loss efforts; more accurately, your fat-loss efforts. Your body does incredible things while you sleep–which I’ve covered before here. When you don’t get enough quality and quantity sleep, you miss out on these benefits to varying degrees. In terms of body composition, these benefits include proper functioning of: areas of the brain that aid in decision making and affect cravings for certain types of food, and certain hormones that help regulate appetite and stabilize blood sugar levels.


  Diets do not work in the long run. You may have already figured that out, but haven’t truly figured out why they don’t work and how to get out of the cycle and sustain your weight-loss success. Let’s do that now.

Oh alcohol: some people love it, some people don’t, some people love it a little too much. Like many nutrition and physical activity topics, the guidance depends on who you are and what you want. I’m sure you’re sick of hearing that—black and white answers are simpler—but it’s true. I’ll break it down a, Read More


If we want to improve our digestion, hydration, potential weight loss, satiety, and enjoyment of our food, we should slow down and chew. Some food digestion begins as soon as you put it in your mouth; foods that are called carbohydrates (fruit, veggies, pasta, bread, candy, etc) start to break down as soon as you take a bite because of an enzyme in your saliva. The less you chew, the less time this enzyme has to start breaking things down.


Here’s the deal with fats–as in the type of fat in your food no on your body–they’re important; well, maybe, it depends. Like everything, it depends on what type of fat they are, how much there is, on you and your goals, your lifestyle, your age, your gender, and so on.
I know, you’re probably annoyed and wanting something more concrete than that; definitive are more assuring: But that’s the truth; it depends. So here’s what you should know about fats to find a more definitive answer for yourself.


Oh calories. Those lovely things so many love to hate and love to burn. Calories are actually awesome and how you burn them is pretty fascinating. And no, you don’t burn most of them exercising. So no, you can’t eat whatever you want just because you worked out. Sorry.
So here’s how this works.


I’m often asked for tips on how to make a lifestyle change, such as finding time to workout, eat healthier or better handle stress. Sometimes, it boils down to people wanting the change and not knowing how to start. Other times it boils down to wanting the results of change but not wanting to do the work to make it happen. I’ve been in both camps. Here are nine mental shifts I made that finally helped me take action to achieve my goals of living a healthier lifestyle.

appreciate your body for what it can do and not what it cannot or how it may or may not look.