Today, You Can Better a Child’s Well-Being


Children and adolescents in low-income and poverty-stricken homes and environments are at a greater risk for poor well-being throughout the course of their lives. TODAY you can join me in doing something to help: Consider this a special edition of this wellness blog.

The negative effects of poverty and near-poverty on well-being extend to increased risk for: depression, PTSD, poor emotional development, poor performance in school, weakened immune systems, poor memory, premature aging, premature death, and chronic diseases (e.g. asthma, obesity, high blood pressure, and some cancers). Children and young adults who grow up in such circumstances are also at an increased risk for substance abuse and addiction, including cigarettes, alcohol, and illegal drugs.

TODAY you can do something to help! TODAY, post publicly on social media a make-up free selfie using the hashtag “#RFGoNaked”. That’s it. For every such post, Rodan + Fields® (the company behind my dermatological skincare franchise) will donate $1 to the Prescription for Change® (PFC). The foundation gives money to organizations breaking the cycle of child poverty and illiteracy through empowerment programs where these children and teens live.

Keep reading for more details on the organizations and how you can get a thank you for yourself from me. But first, POST!!

The PFC foundation works with BuildON in the US, WE in Canada, and the Smith Family in Australia–R+F is currently available in the US and Canada, and launching in Australia this year.

Since 2008, donations from R+F employees and consultants, combined with matching dollars from the company have realized more than $3.1 million in charitable grants, providing over 530,000 days of programming and five new program locations.

Last year’s #RFGoNAKED broke records, with 261,408 people participating. So of course, we raised the bar for this year! Please join me in helping us reach our goal of R+F donating its max of $500,000!!

If you’ve never tried R+F and want to, tag me in your FB, Instagram or Twitter post and I’ll gift you a thank you with a little product taster (US, Canada, or Australia). On behalf of all my R+F friends and family, thank you for helping us improve the mental and physical well-being of youth across the globe. Everyone should have a strong start at a well-lived life.

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